Sunday, November 07, 2004

First Things First: How to Study!

Before going into "class notes", I'd like to go over some certain ways that might help in the studying department. Here is an awesome website on how to study for tests, Studying for Tests
A few other things that I like to do is:
1) Before the test, sit in the seat where you'll be taking the test. If possible, doing this will prepare even the most extreme test-fearing person! It closely puts you in the atmosphere that you will face while taking the exam. Of course, classmates won't be sitting around you while you're studying, but you shouldn't worry about them anyway!
2) Flash cards/signs. These are important visual aids. At most radio stations, their call letters and phrase will be on a billboard sized sign in front of the dj. Another example is at the medical school in a nearby city, where the RNA/DNA structure and mechanisms are painted down the entire hallway in one of the buildings. Visual clues are valuable!
3) Go over your notes immediately after class. This helps you embed the information into your brain, and this should be the first part of your repitition for studying.
4) Learn from example. Go over the things that you missed on a test and review the right answers to make sure that you can correctly understand the material.
5) Round Table. This is a favorite of mine. I don't know who invented the name, but it's self-explanatory. It is a group study of about 3 or more students, where one acts as the moderator, and the others answer the questions. This is a great way to find out what you know and don't know (refer to #4). This way, everyone in the group can discuss their view on the question and defend a reasonable answer. Besides, 4 or 5 heads are better than 1. It's especially good for discussion questions, which are usually found on entrance exams(MCAT) and other tests.


At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True...flash cards are a very effective way learning.My kids enjoy learning using flash cards.In fact they both ask questions to each other like quiz masters.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger kaleon said...

Hi I would like more notes on this subject. Can you please update this. Thank you. They are for my daughter who is studying the subject.


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