Sunday, February 13, 2005


1) The origin of psychology is from:

Define the schools of psychology:
2) Structuralism-
3) Functionalism-
4) Behavioralism-
5) Gestalt-
6) Humanistic-
7) Cognitive-
8) Biological-
9) Social/Cultural

10) List the steps in the Scientific Method:

11) What are the goals of scientific research?

12) What are the methods of scientific research?

13) What is the difference in Validity and Reliability?

14) Define experimental research:

15) What is an independent and dependent variable?

16) What is correlational research? Positive and negative?

17) What is a confounding variable?

18) What is a heritability coefficient?

19) Explain the CNS and PNS:

20) What are sensory and motor neurons?

21) What are neurotransmitters and some examples?

22) Define some of the brain structures:

23) What is sensation and perception?

24) What is absolute threshold?

25) What is Weber's Law?

26) What is sensory adaptiation?

27) Explain sleep and some of the stage disorders:

28) What are the categories, drugs, and brain effects of Depressants, Stimulants, Hallucinagens, and Entactogens?

29) What is hypnosis?

30) What is the purpose and amount of rods and cones in the eyes?


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Is hypnosis under the subject psychology? cause hypnosis control your mind and let you do what the hypnotist told you!

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